Our Process


Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction here at Upper Left Painting, LLC. We believe in making you feel like family opposed to just another customer. We are flexible and can work with any schedule. Whether you are able to be present or not we will give you a detailed estimate. The estimate will be provided within 48hrs ato a week from our sheduled estimate. 

While we do a thorough walkthrough of the project, feel free to ask us any questions or point out any specific details you would like us to tend to. We like our customers to get to know us and feel comfortable having us at your home. We understand that it may be an inconvenience to have a house painted. With that in mind we work clean, efficient and safely. Providing a family friendly work environment is a requirement at all of our job sites. While working we keep a tidy job site so we can freely move about the site safely and quickly. 

Once all questions have been answered and special attention areas have been mentioned we can calculate a rough estimate on the spot, or in most cases we can email the bid within 48 hrs. Within our estimate you will see a breakdown of labor, paint, supplies/materials and pressuring washing costs or any other necessities to complete the project. A project description is written so you can see the steps it takes to complete your project the correct way. We will also itemize the labor showing you exactly what you are paying for. We also include a payment plan (if needed). Now you can review our estimate and decide if we are the right company for you.